About - Laura J Moss
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I’m a journalist with more than a decade of experience writing about animals, science, nature, travel, culture and the environment. I have a master’s degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina, and my work has appeared on CNN, Nat Geo Kids, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Mother Nature Network, HowStuffWorks and Best Friends Magazine. And I write for several Atlanta publications, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Simply Buckhead and Atlanta Pet Life.

I’m also an outdoors lover and total cat lady, which inspired me to co-found the Webby-nominated website, AdventureCats.org, the first and only resource for information on safely exploring the great outdoors with your feline friend. Adventure Cats’ mission is to challenge negative stereotypes about cats and the people who love them in order to increase shelter cat adoptions. Adventure Cats can also be found in your local bookstore. My next book will be out in 2021 from Running Press.

Speaking of books, I love to read and write — especially young adult books — and I’m represented by Myrsini Stephanides of the Carol Mann Agency. I’m always working on one manuscript or another, but when I’m not typing furiously in Scrivener, I like to disconnect and can often be found snuggling my rescue pets, hiking, camping, paddling or marveling at the beauty of our national parks.